Our Facilities

What we've got to offer

In addition to having a world-class team of ground staff at Ballarat, we also have the following facilities that will assist in no small way to the success of Alexander Racing.

  • treadmill

    Horse Treadmill

    Our HorseGym treadmill is a great tool to have for horses beginning their training following injury, as it takes the weight off their backs and you can increase the workload daily as needed. In the same way, a horse with a sore wither or some minor ailment can be kept up to peak fitness. 

  • Swimming

    Swimming Pool

    An essential tool.  Pre or post-workout, it enables us to put extra miles into the horse without wear and tear. Horses also benefit by warming up in the pool pre-training

  • Ballarat Hill

    Hill Track

    Arguably Ballarat's greatest asset. It has a natural incline taking pressure off the front joints and tendons, on a forgiving synthetic surface and enables variation in training. Training on a straight track is becoming more encouraged by vets all over the world.

  • Horse Walker


    We have our own covered eight horse walker.

  • Schooling Lane.JPG

    Schooling Lane

    While we are a flat yard, we don't rule out jumpers and offer an exceptional jumping lane complete with logs, hurdles and steeples. Horses thrive off change and this lane is ideal for getting a tired horse freshened up during his campaign with Alexander Racing.

  • Paddocks

    Day Paddocks

    We have nine acres of paddocks. Some of them have shelters and we have ten individual paddocks, which is ideal for summer days